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News !

News !


WINNER of the $20 voucher is...Drum Roll...

Jennifer .....74@live

Congratulations Jennifer.

You have a $20 voucher on it's way to your inbox.

Thanks for all those who participated in this weeks "wake up"survey. It was interesting to see how many people respond to a request in the newsletter. This week I will have some more giveaways included so keep watching your inbox.

Have a wonderful week,






Thanks for all the feedback from the newsletter...a lot of positive feedback on my level of customer service, product range and the website, THANK YOU !

Some of the ideas and feedback on what you want to see in a beadstore.

Cheryle :  likes a wide range of product.

Anne : Plain Beads which are well priced. Also a range of different beads and findings which she would be willing to pay extra as they are unique. A high level of servie and comparable ( not free ) postage.

Amanda : Seed Beads...lots of them

Dianne: Isn't a bulk buyer so is looking more for individual pieces and sales.

Donna: Loves my larger cabs. Suggested my pre order ( and future offers) should have be more automated with buy now buttons. Would like to see how to links on beading and Jewellery projects.

Victoria: Is a small charm and all things blingy gal. Also large unusual beads with BIG holes and spacers for use on fabric.

Inger: Free Patterns with links to the products. Size 9 seed beads. at a better price. Seed beading books( Elsie's patterns for eg). Chain maille supplies. Instructions or a book on beading basics. Sun catcher patterns and instructions. Incentives for cheap postage, or ordering abovce a certain amount to get free postage. Kits in different levels and price range. Links from products to patterns and pictures on jewellery or uses.

Wendy: All things crystal especially for Suncatchers. Swarovski beads and crystals. And would like to see some more Good quality charms.

Laura: Is a WOW factor lady. Looking for that special something ( not necesserially expensive) to pack a punch.

Lyndel: Looks for gemstones and Pearls. Has a prefference for coins and diamond shapes.

Dorreen: Would like some larger cream beads for her latest creation.

Joanne: Chain mail supplies.

Leah : Looks for genuine quality semi precious beads.

Catherine: Quality Beads and findings in Sterling Silver and Gold Filled. Also unusual feature beads.

Maxine : Ask readers to pass on their favourite tutorial or make some of your own to share.



This week I have been busy listing lots of new stock... What a busy week as I have added almost 200 new items to the website . A lot of these are limited Quantity. Some items are on SALE . I have also started up the link to some patterns for you to check out. To get some inspiration happening. I will be watching the web looking for some FREE and inovative beading ideas, tips and tricks so keep a watch on the NEW Free pattern page.


NEW Metal Beads

Seed Beads No6

Half Drilled Beads and NON Drilled Beads.

Fresh Water Pearls


Memory Wire SALE

Gold Filled Findings

And I have a few new goodies arriving this week. Looking forward to those. I have also ordered a number of NEW things, which are on their way.

Don't forget our special BULK Buy finishes shortly ( wednesday) so if you haven't participated then don't miss out. If we don't get at least 10 people interested then it won't happen.